Welcome to Gamma Omega! 

I am incredibly honored to introduce you to the Gamma Omega chapter Kappa Alpha Theta! I hope our website gives you a snapshot of Theta life here at Auburn University.
Kappa Alpha Theta has a long legacy of excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and personal development. These ideals go hand in hand with Auburn’s own philosophy as laid out in the Auburn creed. Within our chapter we seek to uphold these ideals to “Lead Women” on campus and in our community by, "work, hard work." The women that make up our chapter serve as living witnesses to the impact that Theta love can have on a life. Within the walls of our chapter room, I have seen lives changed and can, with absolute certainty, say that you are not the same person upon graduation that you were on Bid Day. Beyond our college years, Theta can continue to bestow on its members so much good, because Theta truly is for life.
So, if you are looking for intentionality, stop here. If you are looking for genuine connection, we welcome you to it.  If you are looking for laughs, we have jokes to share. If you are looking for empowerment, let us tell you about your virtues and capabilities.  If you are looking for value, let Theta give you a purpose. If you are looking for ownership, wear your letters with honor and pride. If you are looking for sisterhood, come meet all 250 of ours. If you are looking for lifelong love, look no further!

Theta Love and Mine,
Grace Leonardi
Kappa Alpha Theta President
Gamma Omega Chapter