Meet Our Exec | COO


Chief Operating Officer

Meet our Chief Operating Officer for 2019, Paige Williams! Paige is a junior from Atlanta, GA, studying Human Resource Management.

Q: Why did you choose Human Resource Management?
A: When I first came to Auburn, I was undecided and had no idea what I wanted to major in. I finally decided to try for a business degree and eventually landed on Human Resource Management. I felt this gave me many opportunities for my career in the future and the opportunity to help others in the work environment.

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: Last year, I was honored to serve as both the Event Director and a Member Educator Assistant for Theta.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta means being loved and encouraged. Theta allows everyone to be themselves, and throughout my time in this sisterhood, I have never felt pressure to fit a mold. I am so thankful I found sisters that build each other up and encourage every member to be their true self. Theta has given me my home away from home but most importantly my best friends!