Meet Our Exec | CPO


Chief Panhellenic Officer

Meet our Chief Panhellenic Officer for 2019, Ashlyn Leleux! Ashlyn is a sophomore from Alexandria, LA, majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Q: Why did you choose Pre-Medicine?
A: I have always wanted to do something dealing with science and helping people. I began to shadow various kinds of doctors in high school, and I always enjoyed how much they are able to help people in scenarios that seem hopeless. I also love the connections that I made from shadowing these doctors and the friends I have made in my major.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta is a home away from home for me. I came to Auburn virtually knowing nobody, and right away, Theta gave me so many opportunities, some of which led to me meeting my best friends. This sorority provided me with a community full of amazing women that will always be there for me!

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: My favorite theta memory is for sure getting to welcome one of my best friends and my future little to Theta on bid day! From meeting her on sisterhood day to now, she has become such a major part of my life, and I loved being able to show her how much Theta felt like home to me and introduce her to all of my amazing friends that have basically become my family. It was just really awesome to share how much this sorority has done for me!