May's Leading Lady | Emme Ramsey

Emme Ramsey


We are so grateful to call Emme one of our sisters, and we could not think of anyone more deserving to be May’s Leading Lady. Emme is a rising senior from Weaverville, NC, majoring in nursing.

Emme is one of the most sincere and genuine people I’ve ever met. She always seems to find the best in every situation and every person!
— Secret Sister

Emme currently holds the title of Scholarship Director for Kappa Alpha Theta and is also an Emerge Director. She is a member of Rho Lamba, Phi Sigma Pi, and the Student Nurses Association. Emme also serves as an assistant director for Spring Up and works for Auburn’s Anatomy department as an undergraduate research assistant.

What does Theta mean to you?

“To me, Theta is a home away from home where I am constantly surrounded by the most kind, compassionate sisters. Coming to Auburn as an out-of-state student who didn’t know anyone, Theta gave me a support system and an amazing group of friends who have been there for some of the most exciting moments of my time at Auburn. Theta has given me confidence and courage to become the person I am today. Now, as a rising senior reflecting on my time at Auburn, I can’t imagine what my college journey would have been like without Gamma Omega and the amazing women who comprise this chapter!”


What is your favorite Theta memory?

“My favorite Theta memory is when me and two sisters took a roadtrip to the Auburn football game at Ole Miss last year. Whether we were cheering on the Tigers at the game or stopped at Whataburger, every moment I spent with these ladies was filled with laughter and joy. I am so thankful to have such awesome sisters who can make even a long car ride the best time!”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“My favorite place to travel is New York City! There never seems to be a dull moment in the city between the Yankees, Broadway, and all of the museums. I love how you can always find something to do and the city is so full of energy and excitement!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“I couldn’t live without my daily Grey’s Anatomy binge – Christina Yang is my person for real! My second would have to be Ross House Coffee. Their front porch is my go-to study spot, and they have the BEST coffee. Finally, I have to have my Auburn sweatshirt. I have had it since freshman year, and even though it’s a little worse for wear, I always love representing Auburn wherever I go!”