February's Leading Lady | Kaycee Hair

Kaycee Hair


We are so grateful to call Kaycee our sister and friend, and we could not think of anyone more fitting to be February’s Leading Lady. Kaycee is a senior from West Palm Beach, FL, majoring in Psychology.

Kaycee is the most genuine, uplifting person I have ever met. You can’t be around her without a smile on your face!
— Secret Sister

Alongside her membership to Kappa Alpha Theta, Kaycee is also a rape counselor with Rape Counselors of East Alabama, which provides a free service to victims of rape to help them through their traumatic experience(s). They provide education and prevention to our local community as well as run a 24/7 hotline and crisis center. She is also a lab assistant in a Social Development Lab here at Auburn where they study school adjustment in elementary school students and the implication of bullying. This year, she is serving as one of Theta’s Greek Sing Chairs.

What does Theta mean to you?

“Theta is home. Theta is never feeling alone. Coming to college is a difficult transition in itself, leaving behind everything you knew – your family, friends, memories – just to come to a small town in Alabama. I came to Auburn not knowing a single soul here, and as I face my last few months here before graduation, you would think that I would be sad leaving behind such an amazing chapter and unparalleled sisterhood. Instead, I can stand tall and proud to pursue my future endeavors knowing that all of the women in Theta shaped me to be the person I am. I would not have as much confidence in myself without this chapter, and I know these friendships I have will always stay with me. I am forever in debt to Kappa Alpha Theta, the greatest sisterhood I could’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.”


What is your favorite Theta memory?

Kaycee is beautiful inside and out, and she is the perfect role model for so many sisters!
— Secret Sister

“My favorite Theta memory was when I came to Greek Sing practice to teach choreography as one of the Greek Sing chairs, trying take my mind off of my friend who had passed away. Towards the end of practice, I saw all the hard work that the girls on the team put into our practice, and I immediately became overwhelmed with all of my emotions and broke down. I was surrounded by so much love and support as I just let the tears pour out, and I still cannot thank them enough for being my shoulder to cry on and being strong for me when I couldn’t.”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“My favorite place to travel is the Florida keys. As a kid, my family would always take trips down there to snorkel, eat amazing sea food, and go kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing. You will still find me taking day trips with my mom, sister, or my best friends to soak in the sun!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“I absolutely cannot live without my mom – she is my absolute best friend and partner in crime. I also cannot live without my sorority family. There is never a dull moment with my girls, and they are the reason you will always find me in a good mood. Lastly, I cannot live without The Office. It is the only show in my “recently watched” file on my Netflix account, and I have re-watched too many time to count. It will forever be my favorite TV show of all time!”