Meet Our Exec | CRO


Chief Recruitment Officer

Meet our Chief Recruitment Officer for 2019, Kendal Barrett! Kendal is a sophomore from Suwanee, GA, majoring in Pre-Nursing.

Q: Why did you choose Pre-Nursing?
A: I really enjoy how hands-on it is and how something new can happen everyday. I worked in a doctor’s office over the summer which allowed me to interact and work with actual patients, and it was really cool! Also, wearing scrubs to work everyday sounds fun!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: Alongside my position in Theta, I am also a member of the Student Nursing Association, or SNA.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta has truly changed me as a person. Being from out-of-state, I was shy and scared to try new things. Theta has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try things I normally wouldn’t, and I am so grateful for that. I’ve also met some of the best people I know through Theta and have made my most favorite memories with them.

Meet Our Exec | CAO


Chief Administrative Officer

Meet our Chief Administrative Officer for 2019, Christine Arnold! Christine is a sophomore from Huntsville, AL, majoring in Pre-Nursing.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue a career in nursing?
A: I have always wanted to do something medical and wanted to be able to help others. While volunteering at the hospital, I was able to see the environment of the hospital and knew that is what I wanted to do!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: I am currently a member of the Student Nursing Association, and I served as Theta’s Executive Assistant in 2018.

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: My favorite memory has to be big little reveal when I got my two perfect littles. After trying to trick my twins all week, seeing their shocked and excited faces when I popped out of the box was the best!

Meet Our Exec | COO


Chief Operating Officer

Meet our Chief Operating Officer for 2019, Paige Williams! Paige is a junior from Atlanta, GA, studying Human Resource Management.

Q: Why did you choose Human Resource Management?
A: When I first came to Auburn, I was undecided and had no idea what I wanted to major in. I finally decided to try for a business degree and eventually landed on Human Resource Management. I felt this gave me many opportunities for my career in the future and the opportunity to help others in the work environment.

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: Last year, I was honored to serve as both the Event Director and a Member Educator Assistant for Theta.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta means being loved and encouraged. Theta allows everyone to be themselves, and throughout my time in this sisterhood, I have never felt pressure to fit a mold. I am so thankful I found sisters that build each other up and encourage every member to be their true self. Theta has given me my home away from home but most importantly my best friends!

January's Leading Lady | Samantha Jeter

Samantha Jeter

Samantha is such a funny and sweet gal! She greets everyone she sees with the biggest smile and never fails to make your day better.
— Secret Sister

It is such an honor to call Samantha one of our sisters, and we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving to nominate as this month’s Leading Lady. Samantha is a freshman from Dothan, AL, studying Pre-Business/Marketing.

Along with being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Samantha also serves on Freshman Forum with a mentorship in Communications and Marketing with the SGA. She is actively involved in Emerge and Bryton Up Buttercup, an organization that paints faces in children’s hospitals. She attends Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, AL. When asked about Lakeview, she said, “I love my church, and I would love for anyone to hop in the Sentra on Sundays and join me!”

What is your favorite Theta memory?

“My favorite theta memory so far has been dancing and laughing with my theta girlies at socials! I also have enjoyed meeting for lunch on different occasions with other thetas and having fun get togethers! PC’ 18 truly rocks casual hangs. I have enjoyed all the laughs and I am convinced Thetas have the most contagious smiles! I cannot wait to make more memories!”

Samantha is such a light to everyone she meets. She is never without a smile on her face and is such a genuine friend!
— Secret Sister

What does Theta mean to you?

“Theta has become very dear to my heart. I am so very thankful for the sweet friendships that have come from being in this one-of-a-kind sisterhood. I truly treasure all the girls I have come to know and how they have loved me so well. Each of them have encouraged me when I have been down, and getting to know them has become the highlight of my freshman year. I am excited to develop even more friendships and create more fun memories!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“My first would have to be sunset drives! They are among my favorite memories, especially with good friends and fun tunes! Second, I need my coffee shops and books/quotes! Coffee shops have become my favorite college pastime, and they are even better with sweet buds. If you get to know me, you know that I appreciate a good quote more than the average Jo, and I will use it in conversation daily. (PS – I am always here for a good book recommendation!) Lastly, I definitely couldn’t live without my sweet friends. I am always up to hang out and love my friends more than life itself. I am excited to grow my friendships in Theta and to show them how much they are loved! TLAM!”

What is your favorite place to travel?

“My absolute favorite place I have been is Normandy, France! I went to Normandy right before senior year with Student Leadership University. We were able to examine history through the lens of the leaders at that time, and it was amazing. My favorite part of Normandy was being able to look off the cliffs into the water; I've never seen such a beautiful sight. God truly amazes me with His Creation!”

Meet Our Exec | CEO


Chief Executive Officer

Meet our Chief Executive Officer for 2019, Alice Bailey! Alice is a senior from Greenville, SC, majoring in Accounting.

Q: Why did you choose to major in Accounting?
A: I love working with numbers and with people, and I always knew I wanted to be a business major. Accounting was the perfect choice for me!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: I am a member of Beta Alpha Psi, and I have played for the Auburn Women’s Lacrosse Club for three years now, serving as team captain last year. Last year, I was honored to serve as the CFO for Theta.

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: My favorite memory has to be Bid Day my sophomore year! It was so fun to watch our new members run home and see their excitement after a long week of recruitment. I’ll never forget how it felt to be a PNM and how excited I was to call Theta home, which made the experience of welcoming them all the more special for me.