Meet Our Candidate | Alison Beverly

Alison Beverly


Having just been named a Top 5 Miss Homecoming candidate, we could not think of anyone more deserving of our August blog feature. Alison is a senior from Pelham, AL, majoring in biomedical sciences.

Alison Beverly has the most radiant personality and is the sweetest soul you could ever meet. She literally brightens every room she walks into and can make you feel so good about yourself. She’s so involved on Auburn’s campus and is going to do so many amazing things in the future. I’m so proud to call her my sister!!
— Secret Sister

Alison works at the Auburn University Recreations and Wellness Center as a Facility Supervisor and as an Undergraduate Research Fellow for Harrison School of Pharmacy. She is Panhellenic’s Director of Health and Wellness and served as a 2019 Pi Chi. She is a Diamond Doll and has participated in multiple Alternative Student Break trips. She is in the Honors College, where she serves on Honors Congress and Honors Serves, and she is a member of a member of Rho Lambda, Beta Beta Beta, and Phi Eta Sigma.

What does Theta mean to you?

“Theta is where I learned to never be anything but myself. I am constantly overloaded with unconditional love and support from my sisters, and I would not be where I am right now without them. My sisters are the people I study with, spend my weekends and gamedays with, and live with. I am so blessed to have these girls as my bridesmaids when I get married. They really are my sisters for life, and am so blessed to have these sisters to go through life with.”

What does the Auburn family mean to you?

“The Auburn Family is my home. I grew up coming to football games and different athletic events. My grandfather, uncle, mom, and brother all graduated from Auburn before me, so I knew I was going to come here. It has so many memories within my family, that I know I have a piece of my family here at all times. The Auburn Family is all about traditions. The traditions my grandfather, uncle, and mom had when they went to school here are still in place today, and that hold a special place in my heart. The Auburn Family is MY family, and it always will be.”

Alison spreads herself among multiple areas on campus and puts so much effort into each task she takes on! Her bubbly personality brings joy to each situation, and she handles everything thrown at her with grace! We are so lucky to have women like her in Theta!
— Secret Sister

Why did you chose to run for Miss Homecoming?

I chose to run for Miss Homecoming because I am so passionate about my platform. I chose my platform because it is very near and dear to my heart and I have seen how it can impact the students on Auburn’s campus. I want to show Auburn’s student body how passionate I am, and I hope they feel the same way about it as I do. I want to positively change Auburn’s campus. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as Auburn’s Miss Homecoming.

What is your favorite Theta memory?

“My favorite memory in Theta is running home on Bid Day after being disaffiliated for 2 weeks as a Pi Chi! I loved serving my PNMs all week and getting to see how happy they were once they got their bids, but once my girls ran home, I realized I was about to run home myself – and I was SO excited. I ran home into my roommate’s wide-open arms. Once everyone came up to me, I was so happy that I started to tear up. These are my sisters. My girls. My life-long friends. I was so happy to be home with them again.”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“My favorite place to travel is basically anything on the beach – Hawaii, the Bahamas, Grand Caymans, etc!”

June's Leading Lady | Anna Choi

Anna Choi


We are so grateful to call Anna one of our sisters, and we could not think of anyone more deserving to be June’s Leading Lady. Anna is a rising senior from Acworth, GA, majoring in nursing.

Anna is such a sweet friend! She never fails to put a smile on my face even after the worst of days. You will never meet a more funny, determined, and genuine friend!
— Secret Sister

Anna currently holds the title of Recruitment Data Analyst for Kappa Alpha Theta and is a member of the Student Nurses Association. She also serves with Humans of Auburn and is a volunteer at the Lee County Humane Society.

What does Theta mean to you?


“Theta is where I learned to be completely myself. I can’t imagine what my four years in college would have been like without meeting all the girls I have in Theta. I came into college being really shy, and that drastically changed after all the support I have from the girls here!”

What is your favorite Theta memory?

“The best moment I can remember was recruitment my sophomore year. We had just finished the last party of sisterhood round, and everyone just started dancing. It was such a fun time, and I smile every time I think about it!”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“My family used to live in South Korea, and we traveled around Asia a lot. We went to Thailand a few times, and that place is amazing! The beaches are so clear, and the food is delicious. It’s definitely one of my favorite places!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“Dogs, iced coffee, and hemoglobin!”

May's Leading Lady | Emme Ramsey

Emme Ramsey


We are so grateful to call Emme one of our sisters, and we could not think of anyone more deserving to be May’s Leading Lady. Emme is a rising senior from Weaverville, NC, majoring in nursing.

Emme is one of the most sincere and genuine people I’ve ever met. She always seems to find the best in every situation and every person!
— Secret Sister

Emme currently holds the title of Scholarship Director for Kappa Alpha Theta and is also an Emerge Director. She is a member of Rho Lamba, Phi Sigma Pi, and the Student Nurses Association. Emme also serves as an assistant director for Spring Up and works for Auburn’s Anatomy department as an undergraduate research assistant.

What does Theta mean to you?

“To me, Theta is a home away from home where I am constantly surrounded by the most kind, compassionate sisters. Coming to Auburn as an out-of-state student who didn’t know anyone, Theta gave me a support system and an amazing group of friends who have been there for some of the most exciting moments of my time at Auburn. Theta has given me confidence and courage to become the person I am today. Now, as a rising senior reflecting on my time at Auburn, I can’t imagine what my college journey would have been like without Gamma Omega and the amazing women who comprise this chapter!”


What is your favorite Theta memory?

“My favorite Theta memory is when me and two sisters took a roadtrip to the Auburn football game at Ole Miss last year. Whether we were cheering on the Tigers at the game or stopped at Whataburger, every moment I spent with these ladies was filled with laughter and joy. I am so thankful to have such awesome sisters who can make even a long car ride the best time!”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“My favorite place to travel is New York City! There never seems to be a dull moment in the city between the Yankees, Broadway, and all of the museums. I love how you can always find something to do and the city is so full of energy and excitement!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“I couldn’t live without my daily Grey’s Anatomy binge – Christina Yang is my person for real! My second would have to be Ross House Coffee. Their front porch is my go-to study spot, and they have the BEST coffee. Finally, I have to have my Auburn sweatshirt. I have had it since freshman year, and even though it’s a little worse for wear, I always love representing Auburn wherever I go!”

April's Leading Lady | Hannah Lovik

Hannah Lovik


We are so grateful to call Hannah one of our sisters, and we could not think of anyone more deserving to be April’s Leading Lady. Hannah is a rising junior from Huntsville, AL, majoring in Supply Chain Management with a minor in English Technical and Professional Communication.

Hannah is who I aspire to be inside and out. I’ve never met a more joyful and loving soul who makes life so much more enjoyable!
— Secret Sister

Hannah currently hold the title of New Member Director and leads an incredible group of Member Education Assistants. During the 2018-2019 academic year, she served as a Team Leader for Emerge and a Morale Captain for AUDM. This year, she is serving as an Assistant Director of Morale for AUDM. Hannah is also a member of the Auburn Supply Chain Management Association, ASCMA, and works at the Auburn Recreation and Wellness Center.

What does Theta mean to you?

“To me, Theta is unfailing love and support. The women I have met in Gamma Omega have truly shaped me into the woman I am today, and I would not be where I am without them. I have met some of my best friends here, and I could not imagine my time at Auburn without all of them. My sisters are the ones I am always with on gamedays, the ones I go to the library with, and the ones encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. I am so blessed to get to serve as New Member Director this year to be able to welcome our new members into our amazing sisterhood and show them the same love and support I have always been shown throughout my time here. Theta is for a lifetime and I am so glad I have this group of women to do life with.”


What is your favorite Theta memory?

“My favorite Theta memory is probably this past year’s Greek Sing. I got to be a part of an amazing group of girls and got to represent Theta by doing something I love. I made so many new friends and got to create so many fun memories with all of them, from hanging out in the chapter room talking all night to taking pictures at formal together. I loved getting to spend time with girls from every member class and working so hard on such a great dance. Having the rest of Theta screaming and cheering for us when we danced was so encouraging and such an amazing show of our sisterhood!”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Hannah is an endless ray of sunshine for me and everyone around her – her smile and attitude always picks me up! I’m so thankful to call her my sister!
— Secret Sister

“My favorite would have to be the Caribbean! I’ve been on a bunch of trips to a lot of the islands, and I’ve gotten to experience some amazing cultures and food. The best things I’ve done there are exploring them mountains and waterfalls in Saint Lucia, snorkeling in St. Thomas, and sailing on catamarans in Barbados. It’s such a relaxing and beautiful part of the world!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“Lululemon leggings, coffee, and my planner! Basic, I know, but I think I would literally fall apart without any of them!”

March's Leading Lady | Meagan Kingren

Meagan Kingren


We are so grateful to call Meagan one of our sisters, and we could not think of anyone more deserving to be March’s Leading Lady. Meagan is a senior from Birmingham, AL, majoring in Exercise Science. After graduating, she will be starting in the Integrated Biomedical Sciences PhD Program at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine to obtain a PhD in Neuroscience.

Meagan has an infectious happiness! I can’t help but laugh and smile around her. She is such a huge role model to me and continuously teaches me how to be an amazing friend and student here in Auburn!
— Secret Sister

Alongside her membership to Kappa Alpha Theta, Meagan has been involved in AU Dance Marathon since her freshman year and served as last year’s Director of Hospital Relations. She played tenor saxophone for the 2018 AU Marching Band and made props for Aubie as a member of Aubie Committee. She also does research in the School of Kinesiology’s Muscle Biochemistry and Muscle Physiology Labs.

What does Theta mean to you?

“Without Theta, I wouldn’t be who I am today. My best friends are in Theta, and most of my favorite memories have been made with those people — rushing the field after the Iron Bowl, celebrating Bid Day for the first time on the “other side” of recruitment, and so many more. When I was a freshman, Theta really helped me come out of my shell and get involved on campus. Without those friendships and people encouraging me to apply for positions on campus, I wouldn’t be nearly as involved as I am, and I definitely wouldn’t be as confident and excited for what my life holds after graduation this May.”


What is your favorite Theta memory?

Meagan Kingren is the epitome of a true beauty inside and out – along with the brains, of course! She is always there to lend a helping hand, has a heart of gold, and is probably one of the funniest gals I know. Once Meagan sets her mind to something, you better believe she’s going to accomplish it. Nothing can stop her! She’s a true #GIRLBOSS!
— Secret Sister

“This past year I was a member of the Auburn University Marching Band, and as a result, one of my friends said I had to get buttons for the sorority to wear. I had no clue that so many people would want to wear one, and even now after football season is over, I see them around campus on people’s backpacks. Before home football games, the band marches around the field and members are typically shown on the jumbotron. When I was shown on it, I could hear the whole section of my sisters screaming for me all the way across the field. Even now, it puts a huge smile on my face knowing that so many girls are behind me and rooting for me.”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“Coffee, my favorite sweatshirt, and a good book! Call it cliché, but my perfect scenario is a lazy morning sipping coffee and reading a good book while wearing my favorite Auburn sweatshirt. ”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“I love to travel to new places, so really anywhere that I haven’t been is where I want to be. Out of the places I have been, I would have to say Lake Tahoe has been my favorite. I have never been in a more serene place. I remember being in the middle of the lake on my paddle board and being able to look at the snowcapped mountains around me and the crystal clear water beneath me. It was breathtaking! ”

Meet Our Exec | CEAO


Chief External Affairs Officer

Meet our Chief External Affairs Officer for 2019, Mariah Pack! Mariah is a junior from Albertville, AL, majoring in Nursing Science.

Q: Why did you choose to study Nursing?
A: For as long as I can remember, I’ve known I wanted to help people through some of the toughest times of their lives. Nursing has opened so many doors for me to truly see how amazing people are. I’ve talked with people who are facing unimaginable circumstances and still have hope and kindness in their hearts. For me, being able to lend a hand or just simply listen to someone during a tough time sounds like the perfect job!  Nursing definitely isn’t easy, but the people I hope to one day impact always make it worth it!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: Alongside my position in Theta, I am also a Project Coordinator for The Big Event and serve on their Operations Committee. I was lucky enough to serve as an SOS Orientation Leader last summer and spend my Christmas break serving with Alternative Student Breaks. I have also been inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma, an honor society recognizing academic excellence during a student’s freshman year.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta has always been a place where I feel celebrated and incredibly loved. The girls who are there for me whenever I’ve had a tough test week or an exhausting clinical are the same girls who are first to cheer me on whenever I accomplish something new. Theta has brought me some of my very best friends that I know I will still be relying on well after our four years here at Auburn are long gone!

Meet Our Exec | CPO


Chief Panhellenic Officer

Meet our Chief Panhellenic Officer for 2019, Ashlyn Leleux! Ashlyn is a sophomore from Alexandria, LA, majoring in Pre-Medicine.

Q: Why did you choose Pre-Medicine?
A: I have always wanted to do something dealing with science and helping people. I began to shadow various kinds of doctors in high school, and I always enjoyed how much they are able to help people in scenarios that seem hopeless. I also love the connections that I made from shadowing these doctors and the friends I have made in my major.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta is a home away from home for me. I came to Auburn virtually knowing nobody, and right away, Theta gave me so many opportunities, some of which led to me meeting my best friends. This sorority provided me with a community full of amazing women that will always be there for me!

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: My favorite theta memory is for sure getting to welcome one of my best friends and my future little to Theta on bid day! From meeting her on sisterhood day to now, she has become such a major part of my life, and I loved being able to show her how much Theta felt like home to me and introduce her to all of my amazing friends that have basically become my family. It was just really awesome to share how much this sorority has done for me!

Meet Our Exec | CLO


Chief Learning Officer

Meet our Chief Learning Officer for 2019, Samantha Daniel! Samantha is a junior from St. Simons Island, GA, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child Life.

Q: Why did you choose Human Development and Family Studies?
A: I chose HDFS because I love working with children and think that there is so much that we can learn from the innocence of childhood. So far, my favorite experience in my major has been getting to volunteer in the Early Learning Center on campus this semester and working with the most precious 3 year olds. Watching and learning alongside them has been so fun!

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta is a big part of why Auburn is my home away from home. I came to Auburn only knowing two people, but now I have so many people surrounding me that love me so well. I can only thank Theta for that! Theta has helped me to grow and learn, and I am so thankful for my sisters that teach me new things and stretch me to be my best.

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: There are SO many, but my very favorite was freshman year. A bunch of us took a spontaneous trip to my big’s family cabin in the mountains, and it was the best weekend! Just getting to hang out with some of my favorite people – going hiking, playing mini golf and card games, and watching movies – was a great way to start off college, and some of the people I got to know on that trip are my best friends today!

February's Leading Lady | Kaycee Hair

Kaycee Hair


We are so grateful to call Kaycee our sister and friend, and we could not think of anyone more fitting to be February’s Leading Lady. Kaycee is a senior from West Palm Beach, FL, majoring in Psychology.

Kaycee is the most genuine, uplifting person I have ever met. You can’t be around her without a smile on your face!
— Secret Sister

Alongside her membership to Kappa Alpha Theta, Kaycee is also a rape counselor with Rape Counselors of East Alabama, which provides a free service to victims of rape to help them through their traumatic experience(s). They provide education and prevention to our local community as well as run a 24/7 hotline and crisis center. She is also a lab assistant in a Social Development Lab here at Auburn where they study school adjustment in elementary school students and the implication of bullying. This year, she is serving as one of Theta’s Greek Sing Chairs.

What does Theta mean to you?

“Theta is home. Theta is never feeling alone. Coming to college is a difficult transition in itself, leaving behind everything you knew – your family, friends, memories – just to come to a small town in Alabama. I came to Auburn not knowing a single soul here, and as I face my last few months here before graduation, you would think that I would be sad leaving behind such an amazing chapter and unparalleled sisterhood. Instead, I can stand tall and proud to pursue my future endeavors knowing that all of the women in Theta shaped me to be the person I am. I would not have as much confidence in myself without this chapter, and I know these friendships I have will always stay with me. I am forever in debt to Kappa Alpha Theta, the greatest sisterhood I could’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.”


What is your favorite Theta memory?

Kaycee is beautiful inside and out, and she is the perfect role model for so many sisters!
— Secret Sister

“My favorite Theta memory was when I came to Greek Sing practice to teach choreography as one of the Greek Sing chairs, trying take my mind off of my friend who had passed away. Towards the end of practice, I saw all the hard work that the girls on the team put into our practice, and I immediately became overwhelmed with all of my emotions and broke down. I was surrounded by so much love and support as I just let the tears pour out, and I still cannot thank them enough for being my shoulder to cry on and being strong for me when I couldn’t.”

Where is your favorite place to travel?

“My favorite place to travel is the Florida keys. As a kid, my family would always take trips down there to snorkel, eat amazing sea food, and go kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing. You will still find me taking day trips with my mom, sister, or my best friends to soak in the sun!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“I absolutely cannot live without my mom – she is my absolute best friend and partner in crime. I also cannot live without my sorority family. There is never a dull moment with my girls, and they are the reason you will always find me in a good mood. Lastly, I cannot live without The Office. It is the only show in my “recently watched” file on my Netflix account, and I have re-watched too many time to count. It will forever be my favorite TV show of all time!”

Meet Our Exec | CFO


Chief Financial Officer

Meet our Chief Financial Officer for 2019, Morgan Webb! Morgan is a junior from Rockwell, NC, studying Accounting.

Q: Why did you choose Accounting?
A: I used to be an applied mathematics major but quickly realized it was not something that I was passionate about. After talking to some of my Theta sisters, I decided to change my major to accounting. Because of my major, I have gotten to meet so many new people that I would not have otherwise and I have gotten to travel all across the south east visiting accounting firms!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: I am a member of Beta Alpha Psi, and I currently serve as the Executive of Event Logistics for Relay for Life.

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: Theta has brought me many wonderful memories, but if I had to pick, I think my favorite memory would be meeting two of my very best friends on Bid Day. Since then, those two girls became my roommates that I make new memories with every single day. From fun trips and spontaneous movie nights to laying around doing absolutely nothing or even going to Target “just because we may see something we need,” that memory of meeting them on Bid Day always stands out as the moment I met lifelong friends, and I have Theta to thank for that.

Meet Our Exec | CRO


Chief Recruitment Officer

Meet our Chief Recruitment Officer for 2019, Kendal Barrett! Kendal is a sophomore from Suwanee, GA, majoring in Pre-Nursing.

Q: Why did you choose Pre-Nursing?
A: I really enjoy how hands-on it is and how something new can happen everyday. I worked in a doctor’s office over the summer which allowed me to interact and work with actual patients, and it was really cool! Also, wearing scrubs to work everyday sounds fun!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: Alongside my position in Theta, I am also a member of the Student Nursing Association, or SNA.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta has truly changed me as a person. Being from out-of-state, I was shy and scared to try new things. Theta has taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try things I normally wouldn’t, and I am so grateful for that. I’ve also met some of the best people I know through Theta and have made my most favorite memories with them.

Meet Our Exec | CAO


Chief Administrative Officer

Meet our Chief Administrative Officer for 2019, Christine Arnold! Christine is a sophomore from Huntsville, AL, majoring in Pre-Nursing.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue a career in nursing?
A: I have always wanted to do something medical and wanted to be able to help others. While volunteering at the hospital, I was able to see the environment of the hospital and knew that is what I wanted to do!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: I am currently a member of the Student Nursing Association, and I served as Theta’s Executive Assistant in 2018.

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: My favorite memory has to be big little reveal when I got my two perfect littles. After trying to trick my twins all week, seeing their shocked and excited faces when I popped out of the box was the best!

Meet Our Exec | COO


Chief Operating Officer

Meet our Chief Operating Officer for 2019, Paige Williams! Paige is a junior from Atlanta, GA, studying Human Resource Management.

Q: Why did you choose Human Resource Management?
A: When I first came to Auburn, I was undecided and had no idea what I wanted to major in. I finally decided to try for a business degree and eventually landed on Human Resource Management. I felt this gave me many opportunities for my career in the future and the opportunity to help others in the work environment.

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: Last year, I was honored to serve as both the Event Director and a Member Educator Assistant for Theta.

Q: What does Theta mean to you?
A: Theta means being loved and encouraged. Theta allows everyone to be themselves, and throughout my time in this sisterhood, I have never felt pressure to fit a mold. I am so thankful I found sisters that build each other up and encourage every member to be their true self. Theta has given me my home away from home but most importantly my best friends!

January's Leading Lady | Samantha Jeter

Samantha Jeter

Samantha is such a funny and sweet gal! She greets everyone she sees with the biggest smile and never fails to make your day better.
— Secret Sister

It is such an honor to call Samantha one of our sisters, and we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving to nominate as this month’s Leading Lady. Samantha is a freshman from Dothan, AL, studying Pre-Business/Marketing.

Along with being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Samantha also serves on Freshman Forum with a mentorship in Communications and Marketing with the SGA. She is actively involved in Emerge and Bryton Up Buttercup, an organization that paints faces in children’s hospitals. She attends Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, AL. When asked about Lakeview, she said, “I love my church, and I would love for anyone to hop in the Sentra on Sundays and join me!”

What is your favorite Theta memory?

“My favorite theta memory so far has been dancing and laughing with my theta girlies at socials! I also have enjoyed meeting for lunch on different occasions with other thetas and having fun get togethers! PC’ 18 truly rocks casual hangs. I have enjoyed all the laughs and I am convinced Thetas have the most contagious smiles! I cannot wait to make more memories!”

Samantha is such a light to everyone she meets. She is never without a smile on her face and is such a genuine friend!
— Secret Sister

What does Theta mean to you?

“Theta has become very dear to my heart. I am so very thankful for the sweet friendships that have come from being in this one-of-a-kind sisterhood. I truly treasure all the girls I have come to know and how they have loved me so well. Each of them have encouraged me when I have been down, and getting to know them has become the highlight of my freshman year. I am excited to develop even more friendships and create more fun memories!”

What are three things you can’t live without?

“My first would have to be sunset drives! They are among my favorite memories, especially with good friends and fun tunes! Second, I need my coffee shops and books/quotes! Coffee shops have become my favorite college pastime, and they are even better with sweet buds. If you get to know me, you know that I appreciate a good quote more than the average Jo, and I will use it in conversation daily. (PS – I am always here for a good book recommendation!) Lastly, I definitely couldn’t live without my sweet friends. I am always up to hang out and love my friends more than life itself. I am excited to grow my friendships in Theta and to show them how much they are loved! TLAM!”

What is your favorite place to travel?

“My absolute favorite place I have been is Normandy, France! I went to Normandy right before senior year with Student Leadership University. We were able to examine history through the lens of the leaders at that time, and it was amazing. My favorite part of Normandy was being able to look off the cliffs into the water; I've never seen such a beautiful sight. God truly amazes me with His Creation!”

Meet Our Exec | CEO


Chief Executive Officer

Meet our Chief Executive Officer for 2019, Alice Bailey! Alice is a senior from Greenville, SC, majoring in Accounting.

Q: Why did you choose to major in Accounting?
A: I love working with numbers and with people, and I always knew I wanted to be a business major. Accounting was the perfect choice for me!

Q: Are you involved in anything else on campus?
A: I am a member of Beta Alpha Psi, and I have played for the Auburn Women’s Lacrosse Club for three years now, serving as team captain last year. Last year, I was honored to serve as the CFO for Theta.

Q: What is your favorite Theta memory?
A: My favorite memory has to be Bid Day my sophomore year! It was so fun to watch our new members run home and see their excitement after a long week of recruitment. I’ll never forget how it felt to be a PNM and how excited I was to call Theta home, which made the experience of welcoming them all the more special for me.